Exhibition Information

Life; As We've Known It is available as a travelling exhibition with 30 photographs and accompanying text.

It is intended that this exhibition engages the audience with both urgency and hope at this unprecedented time of global biodiversity decline.

A message of urgency

Most of the photographs included indicate a population decline or other negative impacts of human civilization. While clearly assessing the current state of affairs is crucial in a shift toward restoration, a relentless stream of negativity also inhibits one's inclination to contribute to the effort - the "lost cause" syndrome. Consequently, it is also important that this exhibition leave the viewer with some sense of optimism...

...and hope

The inclusion of a few success stories communicates possibilities arising through action of the individual - a critical message at this time.

Along with the Woodland Bison and Island Fox, the Bald Eagle is probably the best illustration. An iconic, charismatic species that has recovered and prospered, from a precipitous decline in the 1970's, due to the efforts of individuals and their organizations.

Exhibition components

+ 30 photographs (more are available)

+ statement text

+ process text (Polaroid film, solarization, and using expired film)

+ all label information, including hyperlinks to current IUCN conservation status

Optional components

+ select your own images for a custom exhibition

+ digital images for projection

+ all caption links to engage with IUCN

+ link to dedicated exhibition website offering audience participation

+ an essay on the oceans from Greenpeace co-founder Rex Weyler